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January - Ferbuary 2019

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Graham Brewster Photography Ecommerce Website Design service Project

The Goal

Graham Brewster Photography is an online photography website which allows customers to purchase images which have been shot from all around the world.

Before the website redesign, Graham Brewster Photography website was dated, unresponsive and needed a complete refresh. So, they came to us for a new, fresh and professional look - that was responsive on all devices.
Working closely with Graham Brewster Photography, we collected all the information needed. This included all imagery, the location, description and prices for each image; as well as the size, canvas type and the style in which the images are available.
Each image had to have all these features in place so the product selection could work properly. This meant that for each image, the price of each size with the canvas type chosen would change when selecting the different options available. With there been over 100 images available on the website, we categorised them into subcategories to make the website easier to navigate.
Graham Brewster Photography allowed us to create a colour palette for the website. Blue and orange hues were chosen, which complemented each other throughout the website, as each allowed the other to stand out.
For the font style, we chose to use two styles; Work sans and Karla. Work Sans font was used for all headings and the navigation bar and Karla font was used for the body copy of the website. We chose these two styles because after much research we found that they complement one another very nicely. San Serif style also worked with the theme of the website.
As the development of the website progressed, our process ensured the client was involved in each section. This helped us understand if we were going in the right direction and enabled the client to see the progress after each section was completed – and make any tweaks they felt necessary.
All websites are completely bespoke, and it’s important that your website reflects the values of your business. Our process ensures you are involved every step of the way.
Please speak to us today, to discover how we can help you and your business.
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E-Commerce website service Graham Brewster Photography Font Styles
E-Commerce website service - Graham Brewster Photography Colour Palette